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Child Protection Policy

»Kicken ohne Grenzen« is committed to the protection of children and young people. The introduction of a Child Protection Guideline is a measure that is intended to ensure an attentive attitude towards children and young people, while at the same time protecting their rights and minimising the risk of any form of threat, discrimination, physical or verbal violence, or intimidation.


Our Child Protection Policy

The Child Protection Guideline applies to all the organisation’s trainers, employees, partners, and visitors. It concerns the protection of children and young people up to 24 years of age.

  • A police clearance certificate is required from any new trainer.
  • He or she is asked to sign the Child Protection Guideline.
  • We sensitise and train project employees as well as children and young people with regard to our projects.
  • We do not publish children’s personal data or contact details.


Our Employee Pledge

I commit to adhering to the following principles whenever I am involved in activities with children:

  1. I ensure that my behaviour is calm and respectful and that I express myself clearly about the standards of behaviour I expect from the children and young people.
  2. In the event of trouble and differences of opinion among the children and young people, I call for a break and attempt to resolve the problem calmly.
  3. I will not ignore any child or deny him or her access to their basic rights.
  4. I will not punish a child by mocking, laughing at or embarrassing him or her in front of others.
  5. I will make no sexually suggestive comments of any kind towards a child, and never touch him or her in a sexual way.
  6. I will not hit or attack any child as a punishment for bad behaviour.
  7. I will ensure that I am aware of where help is available in the event of having to treat any sports injuries safely and thus prevent further injuries or infections.
  8. I will do everything to ensure that the external environment in which the children are taking part in activities under my supervision is as safe and appropriate as possible.