Imagine if every child had the opportunity to discover their strengths and potentials!

Kicken ohne Grenzen uses the power of football to help children and young people develop their potential.

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Children who suffer from poverty are frequently excluded from key areas of children’s life and from participation in social life. They experience themselves as disadvantaged and think that they are less talented and less important.

Every third girl …

in Austria does not believe that she can successfully overcome challenges on her own.

HBSC study 2021/22, Result on self-efficacy expectations

Every third girl …

in Austria suffers from worries about the future and feelings of anxiety.

HBSC study 2021/22, Result on psychological complaints

Every fourth teenager …

does not believe that they can develop their own abilities and potential.

In a world that is spinning faster and faster, it is important to trust in one's own strengths. In order for future generations to be able to orient themselves and hold their own in times of change, they need a strong awareness of their individual abilities.

Co-determination and participation change the way we look at the world. This is especially true for young people at risk of exclusion, who learn to actively participate in shaping a society with equal opportunities.


We activate!

Football provides a safe space for interaction away from school assessments. Here, young people feel valued and that they belong.

We empower!

Young people become self-effective and discover their strengths and competences.

We support!

Playing sport together strengthens relations between the trainers and young people, and facilitates the provision of holistic, low-threshold advice, as well as long-term support. Instead of being categorised according to performance, the young people experience trust and sustainable support.

The young people recognise their individual needs and abilities and learn to believe in themselves. In this way, they become active protagonists in the reality of their own lives.


Football as the first docking point and safe space

We offer weekly potential-focused football training sessions in different parts of the city. The focus is on fair play, social interaction, belonging and diversity. Around 448 young people benefited from this offer in 2022.

Projects: Fußball+, Girls Cup Vienna

Youth Leaders as self-effective actors

Our Youth Leader programme prepares young people for the challenges of the future. They actively shape the project and become an integral part of a larger whole.

Project: Youth Leader Academy

Career prospects through sport

We accompany young people holistically as they enter the education and vocational system. Our success rate: around 96 %.

Project: Job Goals

Our vision is a society in which all young people have the same opportunities to discover and develop their skills and potentials.

Project: Fußball+



… of the participants agree with the statement: »I learned to be patient and to keep going even if something doesn't work out«.

96% of all young people found a connection to the vocational and educational system after their participation in our vocational and educational coaching.

78% of the teachers agree that the Life Goals/Play Fair! project has contributed to an improved self-assessment of the pupils' own strengths and weaknesses.

87% of the participants agree with the statement: »I have learned to talk to each other and find solutions when there is a problem«.

... young people were reached through our programmes in 2023.


— 486 young people
— 227 trainings / activities
— 7 teams

Girls Cup

— 286 young people
— 5 tournaments / 49 games
— 22 teams

Youth Leader Programm

— 22 Youth Leader
— 10 peer mentors

Period: January – December 2023

Project: Fußball+

»I now have the ability to make decisions, the possibility to have a say and I can perceive and control my anxiety and stress.«

Zahra, Youth Leader 2022


— Sozialmarie, 2023
— Austrian Integration Award, 2022
— MigAward: Project of the Year (Nomination), 2022
— #BeInclusive EU Sport Award, 2019
— Initiative Found! (2nd place), 2019

— MigAward: Project of the Year (Nomination), 2019
— Helping Hands, 2018
— One of Poldi’s Eleven, 2018
— Women Integration Award, 2017
— Austrian Integration Award Sport (Recognition), 2016


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Projekt: Youth Leader Academy

»The organisation's commitment to help young people from disadvantaged communities integrate into Austria's society is inspiring. The organisation's holistic approach, using football as its main tool, makes Kicken ohne Grenzen a recognised leader in the field of education through sport. «

Jürgen Griesbeck, Founder of Common Goal / Streetfootballworld