The project Kicken ohne Grenzen supports children, youths and young adults in weekly football trainings, courses and workshops in the neighbourhood, at schools and clubs. With your donation, you contribute to equal opportunities for young people from socially disadvantaged communities.

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Name: Kicken ohne Grenzen
IBAN: AT 31 2011 1827 8493 1100


Our vision is a society in which all young people have the same opportunities to discover and develop their skills and potenti- als.
Kicken ohne Grenzen is an innovative education project that, through various football-based offers, motivates young people to be active, empowers them, and supports them in the development of their own potential. Open, free football-training sessions in different neighbourhoods and at schools that have increased support requirements serve as the initial landing point and safe space where young people feel they belong and are valued. In the training sessions, they not only learn how to play football but above all discover their strengths and potentials, and it is on this basis that Kicken ohne Grenzen provides programmes that facilitate the transition from school to work life and prepare the young people for a world that is changing at an ever-increasing rate.
In football, young people meet each other without being judged by their school or social background and develop a sense of belonging. The joint sport is low-threshold and uncomplicated. Young people are activated both physically and emotionally and strengthen their physical and mental health.

At Kicken ohne Grenzen, young people do not have to prove themselves or perform as they do at school or in conventional training sessions, but are important to the group with their individual skills that everyone brings with them. The focus in all programmes is on the fun of movement, the development of potential, inclusive and fair cooperation, and the opportunity to actively participate and help shape the game.
As a non-profit organisation, Kicken ohne Grenzen is funded by the public sector as well as by foundations, corporate cooperations and private donors. You can find a list of all donors in our current annual report at Downloads.
Your donation finances the free participation of children and young people in our programmes in the neighbourhood and at schools.

Transparency is particularly important to us as a non-profit association. All details on the use of funds and our project expenditures can be found in our current annual report under Downloads. In addition, an external and independent audit by the law firm Steirer, Mika & Comp. verifies and confirms the use of all funds in accordance with the Articles of Association.
Unfortunately, donations to educational organisations are not yet tax-deductible in Austria.
All children using the services offered by Kicken ohne Grenzen should experience football as something that is safe, positive and pleasant, and be protected from harm at all levels. All Kicken ohne Grenzen’s team members and project partners commit themselves to the protection of children and young people by signing and adhering to the project’s own Child Protection Policy, which can be viewed online here. To ensure that the child protection guidelines are implemented, an internal child protection team was appointed last year. This team acts as a contact point and advises, supports and promotes the organisation in the implementation of the child protection guidelines and the associated regular procedures and training.