The basis of our programme is an open, weekly football training session for young people that focuses on fair play, social interaction and diversity.


Starting position: a lack of diversity and inclusion in sports clubs

Recreational activities are still a privilege for many children in Austria. Every third household on minimum security is unable to afford children’s leisure activities that are associated with costs, for example a club membership. In addition, access to many sports clubs is still based on performance: it is those who score goals or can assert themselves against weaker athletes who are allowed to play. Particularly girls and young women often come off badly in the current situation vis-à-vis programmes.

The result is a lack of sports clubs where the focus is on diversity and inclusion. Many children and young people are therefore lacking spaces where they have a sense of belonging and feel valued irrespective of performance.

Objective: motivation and development of potential instead of performance pressure and discrimination

Coming together on the football pitch opens up a new space for young people where they can develop through play and discover their strengths and potentials. In the Fußball+ programme, the world’s most popular sport serves as a low-threshold door opener to communities that are often difficult to reach through traditional educational offers. Specific exercises allow the young people to train key competencies at different levels, skills that help to strengthen their personality and support them on the pitch and in everyday life.

Sport activates and strengthens the commitment and motivation of young people who in the past have increasingly withdrawn from social life. The football training sessions support the development of a trusting relationship between the young people and the project team, making it easier for the latter to refer participants to Kicken ohne Grenzen’s subsequent educational offers.

Our output in 2022

In 2021, Kicken ohne Grenzen supervised 7 teams and a total of around 448 youths and young adults in weekly football training sessions. Girls and young women made up  30% of the participants. Interested 10–24-year-olds at all performance levels can start free of charge at any time during the year.

Our values : 

  • Fair play
  • Social interaction
  • Diversity

By participating, the young people develop ...

  • Increased motivation and commitment through lowthreshold experiences that are separate from schoolbased assessment,

  • Improved social skills,
  • Enhanced mental and physical health,
  • Shared social values.

»I have learned so much here. I have been so lucky. I want to help other people to be so lucky too, so that they can also make new friends and follow their dream.«

Mahdi, Youth Leader and participant at Fußball+

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