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There are no uniform disclosure obligations for non-profit organisations in Austria. However, anyone working for the common good should inform the community about the respective organisation’s goals, its funding sources, how funds are used and the decision-makers within the organisation.

The Transparent Civil Society Initiative

On the initiative of Transparency International Deutschland e.V. (Transparency Germany), numerous actors from civil society and academia have defined ten fundamental points that each civil-society organisation should make publicly available, including the charter, the names of the key decision-makers, information about funding sources and use, and staff structure. The following list is based on this guideline. All further information is available in the links given below.

The Ten Transparency Points for Kicken ohne Grenzen

  1. Our organisation’s name, registered office, address, and founding year
    Kicken ohne Grenzen
    Castelligasse 9
    1050 Vienna
    Founded 2015
  2. Charter, goals and visions
    Our charter in german is available here.
    Our goals and visions are set out here.
    Further information you can find in our current social report under this link.
  3. Information about tax concessions
    Donations to Kicken ohne Grenzen are not tax deductible at the moment.
  4. Names and roles of key decision-makers
    Following the election on 14th March 2022, the association’s board is now made up as follows:
    Chair: Karina Lackner
    Vice-Chair: Alois Gstöttner
    External Auditor: Steirer, Mika & Comp
  5. Activity Report
    Kicken ohne Grenzen produces annual reports of its activities for the previous financial year in accordance with the Social Reporting Standard (SRS). The current report for 2019 is available here.
  6. Staff structure
    Kicken ohne Grenzen currently employs 11 part-time employees, four freelancers, two trainers who receive an expense allowance for each training session conducted, and six purely voluntary team members. The project team is supported by an Advisory Board. Details about our team are available here.
  7. Information about funding sources
    Details about funding sources are available in our latest social report on page 41.
  8. Information about funding use
    Details about funding use are available in our latest social report on page 42.
  9. Corporate affiliations with third parties
    Kicken ohne Grenzen has no corporate affiliations with third parties.
  10. Names of legal persons whose annual payments make up more than 10% of the total annual budget
    The are no legal persons whose annual payments make up more than 10% of the total annual budget.

Additional information about this initiative is available at