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Scoring for the Future

»Scoring for the Future – Increasing youth employability through football« is an ERASMUS+ funded project in which – until the end of 2019 – we are working with nine European partner organisations at the junction between education and football to develop a trainer’s handbook for developing soft skills.

The Concept

The training-of-the-trainers handbook being compiled in the »Scoring for the Future« project will serve as a starting point for sports associations and organisations who wish to design their training units in such a way that young people can be reached and supported both on and off the playing field. The intention is to distribute the exercises to more than 160 trainers who can then use the sport-based exercises and methods to help up to 13,000 unemployed young people enter the jobs market.
Are you interested in a »Scoring for the Future« toolkit? You can download it here.

Our partners

Albion in the Community (Brighton)

Balon Mundial (Turin)

Champions ohne Grenzen (Berlin)

INEX – Association of voluntary activities (Prague)

Policy Center for Roma and Minorities (Bucharest)

Red Deporte (Madrid)

Rheinflanke (Cologne)

Sport dans la Ville (Lyon)


»Young people need to do something positive with their lives, and use their skills and abilities to earn money. This in turn gives young people self-worth and value.«

— Mark Slide, from »Albion in the Community«