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Life Goals

The Life Goals project is a football-based competence-training programme for pupils from middle and polytechnic schools. It strengthens not only the personalities of the children and young people but also their social, emotional and mental skills, making it easier for them to enter the world of work.

The concept

In 12 football-based workshops, participants develop competencies such as motivation, independence or frustration management through play, and put their own approaches to resolving problems to the test. Afterwards, the children and young people share their experiences with each other and thus integrate what they have learned into their everyday lives. The participants learn how to name individual competencies, strengthen their personalities, develop realistic self-images and recognise any areas in themselves where attention is needed. They can use this self-assessment and the valuable competencies obtained in the workshops for guidance when transitioning from school to the workplace and in the further course of their lives.

The impact

The children and young people learn soft skills and are able to name the key competencies. They are also able to handle themselves in an even more constructive way, their efficiency has increased and they behave in a socially competent manner in relationships, groups and organisations, and society at large. They have developed a self-image in relation to concentration and learning ability, decision-making skills (incl. the selection of objectives), motivation (stamina), and frustration management (setbacks in the pursuit of goals, conflict management skills, critical skills). They have also gained an understanding of the need for the skills trained and the ways in which they can be used. The participants also know how to improve themselves in the competencies required if necessary. Their personalities and life perspectives are strengthened. The children and young people thus direct themselves in a more targeted fashion when transitioning from school to work life.

This development reduces the risk of becoming unemployed or of losing touch with society. It strengthens social cohesion and reduces the costs of integration measures for young people who are not in training or work after completing their compulsory education.

»Competencies are like feelings: if I don’t know them, I can’t name them either. Thanks to the workshops, the kids can talk about their skills and potentials. «

— Ingo Bergmann, Life Goals coach