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Job Goals

Job Goals uses the power of football to help young people enter the educational system and start working life.

The Concept

Intensive supervision both on and off the pitch allows the project team to evaluate the participants’ skills and interests, determine training opportunities and organise career try-out days. Regular football training sessions strengthen soft skills, such as self-confidence, teamwork skills, leadership skills, and frustration management. An in-house training concept allows for social skills to be developed in practice within a sports unit before being transferred to everyday life in a subsequent reflection round. This allows young people to apply the skills they have consolidated through football training when faced with challenges in training courses and at work.

Additional workshops hosted by external partners on the topic of CVs and applications supplement the programme and prepare our participants for the jobs market.

Overview of the Programme

  • Weekly football training
  • Football-based soft-skill training sessions
  • Application workshops with external partners
  • Compiling a profile of interests
  • Individual counseling
  • Try-out days and apprenticeships

With »Job Goals« integration will be actively fostered. The programme strengthens german skills, communication skills, willingness to learn and self-confidence.

Young people can build on the experience gained in practical job training days and use them as good references towards future employers.

»Fatemeh became a great employee within a short space of time. She was highly motivated by the moment she started.«

— Christa Ziegelböck, CEO at Café Z