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Job Goals

Job Goals uses the power of football to help young people enter the educational system and start working life.

The Concept

Intensive supervision both on and off the pitch allows the project team to evaluate the participants’ skills and interests, determine training opportunities and organise career try-out days. Regular football training sessions strengthen soft skills, such as self-confidence, teamwork skills, leadership skills, and frustration management. An in-house training concept allows for social skills to be developed in practice within a sports unit before being transferred to everyday life in a subsequent reflection round. This allows young people to apply the skills they have consolidated through football training when faced with challenges in training courses and at work.

Furthermore, in co-operation with interested companies, adults dubbed »Education Buddies« are brought together with young people to offer them advice on planning their future careers and help them with their personal network. Additional workshops hosted by external partners on the topic of CVs and applications supplement the programme and prepare our participants for the jobs market.

Overview of the Programme

  • Weekly football training
  • Football-based soft-skill training sessions
  • Application workshops with external partners
  • Compiling a profile of interests
  • Education Buddies
  • Try-out days and apprenticeships

How Do Companies Benefit?

Through your company’s support, you are empowering young men and women entitled to asylum as they plan their professional careers. You are thereby making an important contribution to the equitable and sustainable integration of these young people into society. There are also the following advantages:

  • Strengthening corporate social responsibility
  • Promoting employees’ social skills
  • Covering the lack of apprenticeships

Overview of our Co-operation Packages

Package 1: Education Partnership

With a »Job Goals« education partnership, you support young refugees with their first vocational orientation in Austria. Volunteers from your company take part in regular, supervised meetings to support young people (aged 15 to 24) in an advisory capacity, helping them to make career plans for the future and ideally support these with a personal network.

Package 2: Try-out Days

With a »Job Goals« co-operation for try-out days, we arrange for an interested young person to spend up to three days in your company. The participant has an opportunity to gain insights into your professional field and gather his or her first practical work experience. Thanks to intensive supervision both on and off the pitch, the supervisors at Kicken ohne Grenzen know the players’ personalities and talents, which allows them to act as intermediaries between the young people and businesses in a targeted way.

Package 3: Sponsorship

With a »Job Goals« sponsorship package, you support around 25 young »Job Goals« participants (aged 16 to 24, at least 40% of whom are female) when entering working life. This package is limited to three sponsorships per year and can be put together on an individual basis.

Selection of Co-operating Companies

  • Apotheke zur heiligen Johanna
  • Apotheke zur Goldenen Krone
  • Architekturbüro feld72
  • Caritas Gruft
  • Café Z
  • FedEx Cares
  • Restaurant Bruder
  • Restaurant Westpol
  • Sodexo
  • Sportradar

Are you also interested in getting actively involved in the integration of young refugees as part of the »Job Goals« project? If so, please write to us at and we’ll tell you more about our co-operation packages.

With »Job Goals« integration will be actively fostered. The programme strengthens german skills, communication skills, willingness to learn and self-confidence.

Young people can build on the experience gained in practical job training days and use them as good references towards future employers.

»Fatemeh became a great employee within a short space of time. She was highly motivated by the moment she started.«

— Christa Ziegelböck, CEO at Café Z